1. Dubreq Intros Limited Edition David Bowie Stylophonedubreq.com
  2. Cherry Audio Mercury-4 Brings Back ‘Primal Poly’ Sound Of Roland Jupiter-4cherryaudio.com
  3. Online ARP 2600 Synthposium, Featuring Jean-Michel Jarre, Coming Saturday, September 18, 2021alanrpearlmanfoundation.org
  4. BOSS SY-200 Synthesizer Pedal Offers Latency-Free Performance With Any Guitar Or Basswww.boss.info
  5. New PWM Malevolent Keyboard Offers Analog Sound, Modular Patching & Affordable Pricingwww.1pwm.com
  6. Free Open Source Modular System, Bespoke, Offers An Alternative To Skeuomorphic Virtual Eurorack Synthswww.bespokesynth.com
  7. Expressive E Intros Imagine Multidimensional Physical Modeling Synthwww.expressivee.com
  8. Bastl Instruments Intros Buddy 4-Channel Eurorack Mixernoise.kitchen
  9. Last Chance To Win This Novation & Sequential Synth Bundlenovationmusic.com
  10. Jamaica Suk, BNJMN, and Kyoka Feature on ‘XLR8R+033,’ a Techno Specialsoundcloud.com
  11. Dreadbox Nymphes 6-Voice Analog Synthesizer Is ‘Stunning & Ethereal’www.dreadbox-fx.com
  12. Podcast 713: Bambounoubambounouofficial.bandcamp.com
  13. Sequential OB-6 Patches for Ambient, Electronica & Techno – ‘Ergosphere’limbicbits.com
  14. Radiant – AI Radio DJgetradiant.app
  15. Rave.dj: Create Music Mashupsrave.dj
  16. Apple Music Now Uses Shazam Technology to Pay Rights Holders in DJ Mixeswww.macrumors.com
  17. DJ Premier's Salute to the Floppy Diskwww.youtube.com
  18. Rave.dj – Creating music mashups with AIrave.dj
  19. Chico Chi Drops The Latest ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mixtunein.com
  20. Covid Put This DJ Out of Work, So He Created an NFT Art Galleryhackernoon.com
  21. PARTYWITHJAY Mixes DJcity’s Top 50 Tracks of Julywww.facebook.com
  22. Anthony Naples Experiments with Live Instrumentation on New Studio Albumanthonynaples.bandcamp.com
  23. French Duo UMAN to Re-Issue ‘Chaleur Humaine’ Album on RVNG’s Freedom To Spendwww.freedomtospend.org
  24. Ross From Friends Next on Brainfeeder with Deeply Emotive Second Albumsoundcloud.com
  25. Mary Lattimore Unveils New Collection of Unreleased Raritiessoundcloud.com
  26. Pioneer DJ – rekordbox and Dropbox unlimited planrekordbox.com
  27. First Look: SoundSwitch 2.3 With Philips Huewww.soundswitch.com
  28. Luke Slater to Release Seventh Planetary Assault Systems Albumwww.lukeslater.com
  29. DJ Carl Cox: ‘When I tell people my story, they don’t believe it’www.theguardian.com
  30. Kenya’s KMRU Shines Light on Nairobi’s Musical Talents with Compilationsoundcloud.com
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  32. DJcity’s Spotify Playlist Update: Aug. 17spoti.fi
  33. Podcast 709: Justin Cudmore & Hiroko Yamamurasoundcloud.com
  34. Alpha Pup Welcomes Sorza for Debut Album of Moody Bass Musicsoundcloud.com
  35. British-Nigerian Composer Klein’s New Album “Expands What Classical Music Means Today”trappingincmajor.club
  36. Concurrent and Distributed Systems – Dr DJ Greaves, Dr Martin Kleppmannwww.cst.cam.ac.uk
  37. Covid Put This DJ Out of Work, So He Created an NFT Art Gallerymedium.com
  38. Covid Put This DJ Out of Work, So He Created an NFT Art Gallerycryptofireside.medium.com
  39. Little Sound Djwww.littlesounddj.com
  40. Sony paved the way for modern music productionwww.engadget.com
  41. From touring with George Clinton to developing music production appsdrumnickydrum.medium.com
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  43. Taking time off by DJ DiDonna, founder of The Sabbatical Projectwww.lennysnewsletter.com
  44. LMMS/lmms: Cross-platform music production softwaregithub.com
  45. Video DJ Adam Curtis' Latest Docuseries Now Free on YouTubewww.youtube.com
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