1. Rather Have the Story podcast features a great, in-depth interview with synthesist Synthesist Lisa Bella Donna On Black Sabbath, Putting Metal Into Your Synth Tone & Getting Started With Synthesiswww.youtube.com
  2. available now for $299. A reissue of the original, full-size 266 module is also Getting Started With The Buchla 266t Source Of Uncertainty Eurorack Moduletiptopaudio.com
  3. Minimoog Model D Live Build From the Moog Factorywww.moogmusic.com
  4. Canada’s Khotin Next Up on Ghostly with Third Albumsoundcloud.com
  5. Modbap Modular Trinity & Hue Eurorack Modules Now Availablewww.modbap.com
  6. Photon Smasher Microphone Lets You ‘Listen To Light’www.clipsoundandmusic.uk
  7. New Book Celebrates Legacy Of Keith Emersonwww.keithemersonbook.com
  8. Recreating Classic Tomita + Tangerine Dream ‘Whistle’ Patchkvisit.com
  9. Automated JavaScript DJold.reddit.com
  10. Rob Papen Introduces RevSane, BLUE-III & eXplorer-8 Bundlewww.robpapen.com
  11. Cherry Audio Intros Synth Stack 3 Virtual Instrument Collectioncherryaudio.com
  12. Sonicware LIVEN Lofi-12 Sample Player / Grooveboxsonicware.jp
  13. Best Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Deals For Electronic Musicians 2022 Monster Listwww.martinic.com
  14. CV Toolkit 3.0 Adds New Tools For Controlling Modular & Analog Gearspektroaudio.com
  15. Brian Eno Remixes Jean-Michel Jarrejeanmicheljarre.lnk.to
  16. CME Introduces New MIDI Solutionswww.cme-pro.com
  17. Arturia MatrixBrute Synthesizer Gets VST & Standalone Editormatrixbrute-editor.jimdofree.com
  18. Fantastic Free Reverb, ValhallaSupermassive, Adds Two New Modesvalhalladsp.com
  19. Sound to Song: A Comprehensive Intro to Music Production for Beginnerskeithhayden.net
  20. ‘The Philosophy of Modern Song’ Review: Bob Dylan Plays DJwww.wsj.com
  21. Shure Shot Delivers ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mixwww.beatsource.com
  22. DJ Turntables: Buying Guide by Vekked (2016)djtechtools.com
  23. Live Commodore Amiga DJ Stream from the UKwww.youtube.com
  24. Freejak Remixes DJWS and DJ Drew’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ on DJcity Recordstwitter.com
  25. Serato DJ Pro 3.0.0 – Now With Stems! | Beatsource Techserato.com
  26. Scratch Cyborgs: The Hip-Hop DJ as Technologythereader.mitpress.mit.edu
  27. GI Selects Drops ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mixwww.beatsource.com
  28. Digital DJ Licensingen.wikipedia.org
  29. Mixxx, a free and open source DJ softwaremixxx.org
  30. New Social Environment #483 – Laurie Anderson with Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky)www.youtube.com
  31. JQBX – Listen Together. DJ Online. Discover New Musicwww.jqbx.fm
  32. Apple Music launches DJ mixes in spatial audiomusic.apple.com
  33. DJ Carl Cox: ‘When I tell people my story, they don’t believe it’ (2021)www.theguardian.com
  34. I became the world's most prolific DJ, using codewww.royvanrijn.com
  35. Goldman CEO David “DJ D-Sol” Solomon to Play Lollapaloozanypost.com
  36. DJ performance remixing AI-created music- which is then live-remixed by a 2nd AIqosmo.jp
  37. Little Sound Djwww.littlesounddj.com
  38. Your Local Radio DJ's fake celeb chat scam – The open-ended interviewwww.youtube.com
  39. Beatsource DJ: full DJ software as a web appdj.beatsource.com
  40. (Music Production) Plug-In Capitalismbellonamag.com
  41. Tom Petty: The Last DJ (2002)www.youtube.com
  42. Radiant – AI Radio DJgetradiant.app
  43. Sony paved the way for modern music productionwww.engadget.com
  44. From touring with George Clinton to developing music production appsdrumnickydrum.medium.com
  45. LMMS/lmms: Cross-platform music production softwaregithub.com
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  47. Music Production Masterclass: Kilian Bohnwww.artlapinsch.com
  48. The Evolution of Music Production Software User Interface Metaphors (2015)www.arpjournal.com
  49. Open-Source Music Production Toolsmidination.com
  50. Learning Logic Pro X (Getting Started with Music Production)artlapinsch.com
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