1. Korg Volca Drum + iPad Synth Jamwww.youtube.com
  2. Free Percussion Virtual Instrumentlabs.spitfireaudio.com
  3. New Music From Steve Roach – AS IT ISsteveroach.bandcamp.com
  4. New Sound Library – Hainbach’s Landfill Totemswasteaid.org
  5. Rochelle Jordan’s Left-Field R&B Next on TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Recordssoundcloud.com
  6. Sasu Ripatti (a.k.a Vladislav Delay) Next on Planet Mu with Rap and Footwork-Inspired Albumplanet.mu
  7. Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington Detail New Darkside Albumsoundcloud.com
  8. Polyend Medusa Updated With New 6-Voice FM Synth Engine….And Discontinuedpolyend.com
  9. Casio Introduces New Casiotone Portable Keyboardswww.casiomusicgear.com
  10. OXI One Sequencer (Sneak Preview)oxiinstruments.com
  11. Fors Releases Chiral, An MPE-Enabled Max For Live Devicefors.fm
  12. Podcast 670: Xylasoundcloud.com
  13. SSL Tube VCA / Timbral Gate Now Available For Euro, MU Systemswww.youtube.com
  14. India Jordan Shares Euphoric Single Ahead of Ninja Tune Debutsoundcloud.com
  15. Ian Boddy Live Performance At SoundQuest Fest 2021din7d.bandcamp.com
  16. MXL Pack For Ableton Live Features 40+ Max For Live Devicesmidi2themax.com
  17. New iPad App, BeatCutter, An Experimental Platform For Slicing & Recombining Soundapps.apple.com
  18. Synthetic Sound Labs Intros Nurse Ratchet Burst Module For MU Modular Systemssteamsynth.com
  19. Dilly Rowe Delivers ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mixwww.rane.com
  20. Canadian Ambient Producer Loscil is Back on Krankysoundcloud.com
  21. Podcast 689: Steve Arringtonwww.stonesthrow.com
  22. Nils Frahm Drops Surprise New Albumwww.nilsfrahm.com
  23. Veteran Japanese Producer Shigeru Ishihara Next on Nyege Nyege’s Hakuna Kulalasoundcloud.com
  24. Varg2TM and Croatian Amor Ready Fourth Collaborative Releasecroatianamor-alter.bandcamp.com
  25. DJ EU Drops ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mixjezebelmagazine.com
  26. Podcast 688: Bramblessoundcloud.com
  27. Amorf Pianist Mischa Blanos is Back with a Second Albumwww.facebook.com
  28. Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records Welcomes Habitat for ‘Vaguely Intimate’ Albumsoundcloud.com
  29. New and Notable Tracks: Mar. 19www.twitter.com
  30. Music Submissions Roundup: Februarywww.facebook.com
  31. Veteran Producer Amir Alexander is Ricky Spitzz for Trap and Hip-Hop Albumsoundcloud.com
  32. DJcity’s Spotify Playlist Update: Mar. 16spoti.fi
  33. LMMS/lmms: Cross-platform music production softwaregithub.com
  34. Video DJ Adam Curtis' Latest Docuseries Now Free on YouTubewww.youtube.com
  35. AI Weiwei with DJ Spookybrooklynrail.org
  36. Music Production on Guix Systemguix.gnu.org
  37. The DJ’s and the Chef’s Mindsetsdanielbusta.com
  38. DJ Rashad Memorial – Teklife Livewww.twitch.tv
  39. Music Production Masterclass: Kilian Bohnwww.artlapinsch.com
  40. DJ Checkup – Check your Django site for security errorsdjcheckup.com
  41. DJ Screw, Vaporwave, Digital Lost Futuressnufk.in
  42. The Evolution of Music Production Software User Interface Metaphors (2015)www.arpjournal.com
  43. PyCrossfade – a library for creating DJ Transitions in Pythongithub.com
  44. Open-Source Music Production Toolsmidination.com
  45. 80s style NeonGrid visualizer for my ~6 year on-going DJ/VJ tool[video]www.youtube.com
  46. Learning Logic Pro X (Getting Started with Music Production)artlapinsch.com
  47. Citizen DJ – Make music using audio and video from the Library of Congresscitizen-dj.labs.loc.gov
  48. Public Enemy – State of the Union (STFU) Featuring DJ Premierm.youtube.com
  49. Scrobbling DJ sets into Last.fm with less than 30 lines of Pythoninput.sh
  50. Opinion: Case for removing master-slave terminology from music production toolscdm.link
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