1. Web3 Weekly Wrap: MODA DAO’s Governance Roadmap, Seed Club’s New Cohort, Kerri Chandler, Mathew Jonson, and Morezine.zora.co
  2. 1010music Intros Nanobox Pocket Polysynths1010music.com
  3. Sinevibes Intros Hollow Vast Space Reverbwww.sinevibes.com
  4. GForce Intros M-Tron MkII Virtual Dual-Manual Mellotronwww.gforcesoftware.com
  5. Mojaxx Reviews Wolfmix W1 and ADJ WMX1wolfmix.com
  6. Jameszoo Returns to Brainfeeder with Album of Jazz and Off-Kilter Electronicsjameszoo.bandcamp.com
  7. Surge XT Now Available For Linux, Mac & Windowswww.youtube.com
  8. “I See Flowers”, For Vocoder, Mother-32 & Subharmoniconwww.youtube.com
  9. Sampling & Chopping The Amen Breakwww.youtube.com
  10. Casio Introduces CT-S1000V Vocal Synthesis Keyboard, Casiotone CT-S500 Portable Keyboardwww.casiomusicgear.com
  11. New Decimator Bitcrusher In 1Uwww.mosaic1u.com
  12. AtomoSynth Intros KOE M6 Monophonic Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizerwww.atomosynth.net
  13. FAC Drumkit For iOS Gets Free Major Updateapps.apple.com
  14. Stones Throw Welcomes Maylee Todd for Album of “Science Fiction Lullabies”www.stonesthrow.com
  15. Check Out Louisville’s ‘Ambient Experience’, The Event That Neither A Global Pandemic Or The Most Destructive Wildfire In Colorado’s History Could Stopkdvr.com
  16. Live Kosmische Music Synth Jamwww.youtube.com
  17. Working With Free Spitfire Audio LABS Virtual Instrumentslabs.spitfireaudio.com
  18. Shut Up & Play, With The Novation Peak & Summitwww.youtube.com
  19. Polyend Tracker v1.5 Firmware Now Availablepolyend.com
  20. Podcast 731: Antheawww.facebook.com
  21. Portable to Release Seventh Album on Circus Companysoundcloud.com
  22. Podcast 730: Katimi Aisoundcloud.com
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  26. Your Local Radio DJ's fake celeb chat scam – The open-ended interviewwww.youtube.com
  27. Beatsource DJ: full DJ software as a web appdj.beatsource.com
  28. (Music Production) Plug-In Capitalismbellonamag.com
  29. Tom Petty: The Last DJ (2002)www.youtube.com
  30. Radiant – AI Radio DJgetradiant.app
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  32. Apple Music Now Uses Shazam Technology to Pay Rights Holders in DJ Mixeswww.macrumors.com
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  35. Covid Put This DJ Out of Work, So He Created an NFT Art Galleryhackernoon.com
  36. Pioneer DJ – rekordbox and Dropbox unlimited planrekordbox.com
  37. DJ Carl Cox: ‘When I tell people my story, they don’t believe it’www.theguardian.com
  38. Concurrent and Distributed Systems – Dr DJ Greaves, Dr Martin Kleppmannwww.cst.cam.ac.uk
  39. Covid Put This DJ Out of Work, So He Created an NFT Art Gallerymedium.com
  40. Covid Put This DJ Out of Work, So He Created an NFT Art Gallerycryptofireside.medium.com
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  42. Sony paved the way for modern music productionwww.engadget.com
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