1. Free Noise User Oscillator For The Korg NTS-1www.jabunaudio.com
  2. An Introduction To Physical Modeling Synthesiswww.youtube.com
  3. New iOS Synth, Euclid Goes to Party, An ‘Instant Techno Bassline Machine’apps.apple.com
  4. Download: Andy Graham “Twilight Runner”soundcloud.com
  5. DJ CFLO’s macOS Desktop Apps Stemverter 2 and 3vise Improve DJ Workflow3vise.com
  6. New Creative Hardware Looper & Delay, Loupéglou-glou.org
  7. ‘R.O.A.D. Podcast’: Hip Hop Uncovered on the 2Pac Haitian Jack Connectiontwitter.com
  8. Designing & Building An AI Musical Instrumentwww.youtube.com
  9. New York’s Incienso Welcomes Downstairs J. for Album of Trip-Hop and Dubdjpythonnyc.bandcamp.com
  10. Perila Signs to Smalltown Supersound with Debut Album of Hauntological Musique Concrètesoundcloud.com
  11. Sensel Expands Express MPE Preset Packmorph.sensel.com
  12. Present Like a DJarchitectelevator.com
  13. Akai Professional MPC One Retro Pairs Modern Features With Old-School Stylewww.akaipro.com
  14. Kenny Segal’s Second Solo Album is Incomingsoundcloud.com
  15. DJ Bike Drum & Bass Live Setwww.youtube.com
  16. Generative Ambient Music With A Moog Mother-32www.youtube.com
  17. Lisa Bella Donna – Turning Point (Live Concert)lisabelladonna.bandcamp.com
  18. Madrone Music Intros SyncArp Hardware MIDI Arpeggiatorwww.kickstarter.com
  19. The History Of The Cat Synthesizerwww.youtube.com
  20. Tone2 Icarus2, “The Most Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer On The Market”www.bestservice.com
  21. Free Arturia Keystep Pro 2.0 Firmware Update Adds New Features & Other Improvementswww.arturia.com
  22. Los Angeles Funk Musician DāM-FunK is Back with a New Albumwww.facebook.com
  23. DJ Manny Delivers Romantic Footwork Album for Planet Musoundcloud.com
  24. Cinematic Synthesis With The UDO Audio Super 6www.drewneumann.com
  25. DJ ND Teams Up With DJ Odilon for Routine using New Scratch Toolwww.facebook.com
  26. OXI ONE Sequencer In-Depth Hands-On Demoloopopmusic.com
  27. Cubasis 3.3 Now Available – Here’s What’s Newnew.steinberg.net
  28. Luke Slater’s Planetary Assault Systems is Back with Token EPsoundcloud.com
  29. Ghostly Welcomes Oregon’s Quickly, Quickly with Shuffling Psych-Pop Songsoundcloud.com
  30. How to Get xDai for XLR8R’s NFT Marketplace, XNFTdiscord.gg
  31. ‘R.O.A.D. Podcast’: Are DJ Rates Going Down?skamartist.com
  32. Ulla Delivers Wistful New Album on Los Angeles’ Motion Wardsoundcloud.com
  33. BLOND:ISH’s Bye Bye Plastic Launches Sustainability Mentorship Programsoundcloud.com
  34. ‘PRSNT’ is a New Compilation Lasting Six Minutes 30 Seconds Featuring Lucrecia Dalt, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Laurie Spiegelsoundcloud.com
  35. Denon DJ Announces LC6000 PRIME DJ Controllerwww.denondj.com
  36. DJcity’s Spotify Playlist Update: Apr. 27spoti.fi
  37. CLYDE is Back with Hardcore and Jungle on Dome of Doomwww.domeofdoom.org
  38. Fink Reimagines Classics for 12-Track Album Retrospectiveninjatune.net
  39. New and Notable Tracks: Apr. 23www.twitter.com
  40. Taking time off by DJ DiDonna, founder of The Sabbatical Projectwww.lennysnewsletter.com
  41. LMMS/lmms: Cross-platform music production softwaregithub.com
  42. Video DJ Adam Curtis' Latest Docuseries Now Free on YouTubewww.youtube.com
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  49. DJ Screw, Vaporwave, Digital Lost Futuressnufk.in
  50. The Evolution of Music Production Software User Interface Metaphors (2015)www.arpjournal.com
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