1. Vladimir Karpov (a.k.a X.Y.R.) Soundtracks Shimmering Mysteries of Underwater Life on Tenth Albumsoundcloud.com
  2. Pioneer DJ Releases the New White Finish XDJ-XZ-Wwww.pioneerdj.com
  3. Los Angeles’ Dylan Moon Next on RVNG Intl.soundcloud.com
  4. Los Angeles’ Dylan Moon Next on RVNG Intl.igetrvng.com
  5. Qu-Bit Electronix Debuts Aurora Spectral Reverb At Superbooth 2022www.qubitelectronix.com
  6. Podcast 748: Asta Hirokiastahiroki.bandcamp.com
  7. Podcast 748: Asta Hirokiwww.facebook.com
  8. Joranalogue Audio Design Introduces New Modules At Superbooth 2022joranalogue.com
  9. Behringer UB-Xa Hands-On Demowww.youtube.com
  10. Shut Up & Play: Sounds Of The Oberheim OB-X8 Synthesizerwww.j3po.net
  11. EboSuite 2.0 Lets You Treat Video Like Audio In Ableton Livewww.ebosuite.com
  12. New Polyend Play A ‘Sample & MIDI-Based Groovebox’polyend.com
  13. MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) Specification Updated To Accelerate Adoptionwww.midi.org
  14. IK Multimedia website and additional videos are found IK Multimedia Releases Limited-Edition UNO Synth Pro Black Editionwww.ikmultimedia.com
  15. Teenage Engineering Intros $1,999 OP-1 Field Portable Sound Studioteenage.engineering
  16. Befaco Unveils AC/DC Eurorack Audio Interface At Superbooth 2022www.befaco.org
  17. Félicia Atkinson Announces New Album, ‘Image Language’feliciaatkinson.com
  18. Serato Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Special Adidas Sneakers and Control Vinylserato.com
  19. Ron Trent’s New Album is a “Love Letter to the Long-Player”soundcloud.com
  20. Indian Wells Signs to Max Cooper’s Mesh for New Albummeshmeshmesh.net
  21. Apple Music launches DJ mixes in spatial audiomusic.apple.com
  22. Loraine James and TSVI Team Up for AD93soundcloud.com
  23. DJcity’s Spotify Playlist Update: Apr. 12spoti.fi
  24. I became the world's most prolific DJ, using codewww.royvanrijn.com
  25. Goldman CEO David “DJ D-Sol” Solomon to Play Lollapaloozanypost.com
  26. DJ performance remixing AI-created music- which is then live-remixed by a 2nd AIqosmo.jp
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  39. DJ Carl Cox: ‘When I tell people my story, they don’t believe it’www.theguardian.com
  40. Concurrent and Distributed Systems – Dr DJ Greaves, Dr Martin Kleppmannwww.cst.cam.ac.uk
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