1. XLR8R & SHAPE Wrap Up: Watch a Banging Audio-Visual Club Set by LYZZAsoundcloud.com
  2. Yilan Unveils Mini-Album on Mexico’s Infinite Machinesoundcloud.com
  3. Yilan Unveils Mini-Album on Mexico’s Infinite Machineinfinitemachine.bandcamp.com
  4. Prophet-5/Prophet-10 REV4 vs Prophet-6 Blind Comparisonwww.youtube.com
  5. Berlin School & Ambient Sound Bank For The Korg Wavestate Synthesizergumroad.com
  6. 3-Module Challenge Fundraising Compilation Album & Patch Bookblackwomeninmotion.org
  7. New Editor Makes Cluster Flux Even Deepersonicfreaks.com
  8. XLR8R & SHAPE: Listen to a New Dreamy Mix by Oli XLsoundcloud.com
  9. New Plugin, ‘Node’, Puts An FM Synthesizer Into The Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD & NTS-1www.sinevibes.com
  10. Free Software Synth Recreates The Bizarre Radio Shack Realistic Concertmate MG-1store.cherryaudio.com
  11. Music Production on Guix Systemguix.gnu.org
  12. Iceland’s EVA808 Unveils Debut Album on Innamind Recordingswww.facebook.com
  13. ‘TBT Hits’ Feat. Tony! Toni! Toné!, The Pharcyde, and Morewww.beatsource.com
  14. Nigerian Songwriter LA Timpa Shares Surprise Album on Halcyon Veilsoundcloud.com
  15. Flying Lotus and Brainfeeder Prepare Global Live Stream Extravaganzawww.brainfeedersite.com
  16. Modal Cobalt8 Reviewwww.youtube.com
  17. Beatsource Teams With Serato for All-Stars Competitionwww.beatsource.com
  18. SJAYY’s New Album Moves Through Jersey Club, Drill, and Hip-Hopsjayy.bandcamp.com
  19. XLR8R & SHAPE Wrap Up: Watch a Set of Acoustic Rave Tracks by Dorotawww.facebook.com
  20. Palestinian Electronic Duo Zenobia Cover ’60s Jordanian Hitwww.facebook.com
  21. New Album, San Francisco Moog: 1968-72, Documents Psychedelic ‘Missing Link’ In History Of Electronic Musicdougmckechnie.bandcamp.com
  22. Beatsource LINK Is Now Available in PCDJ DEX 3 Softwarelink.beatsource.com
  23. XLR8R & SHAPE Wrap Up: Watch a Live Set of Free-Flowing Funk by Borokov Borokovsoundcloud.com
  24. New App Turns Your iPad, iPhone Into An Isomorphic MIDI Keyboardaudiokitpro.com
  25. New Software Synthesizer, Vital, Designed To Let You Warp Waves In New Waysvital.audio
  26. Junkie XL Is Selling His Massive Collection Of Synths Because ‘They Are Instruments That Deserve To Be Played’www.youtube.com
  27. Jericho Delivers ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mixwww.tokyobar.com
  28. XLR8R & SHAPE Wrap Up: Watch an Experimental Bass Guitar Performance by Farida Amadoushapeplatform.eu
  29. New Male Virtual Vocalist For Emvoice One, ‘Jay’emvoiceapp.com
  30. The Gagmen Deliver an Album of Atavistic Head-Wreckersidealrecordings.bandcamp.com
  31. ‘TBT Hits’ Feat. Usher, Selena, and Morewww.beatsource.com
  32. Sepehr’s New Label Represents the Psychedelic Side of the Iranian Undergroundsepehr.bandcamp.com
  33. The DJ’s and the Chef’s Mindsetsdanielbusta.com
  34. First Look: Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 4-Channel DJ Controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Prorekordbox.com
  35. ‘TBT Hits’ Feat. The Cure, LL Cool J, and Morewww.beatsource.com
  36. DJ Scarlett88 Delivers ‘DJcity Podcast’ Mixtaogroup.com
  37. DJ Rashad Memorial – Teklife Livewww.twitch.tv
  38. Music Production Masterclass: Kilian Bohnwww.artlapinsch.com
  39. DJ Checkup – Check your Django site for security errorsdjcheckup.com
  40. DJ Screw, Vaporwave, Digital Lost Futuressnufk.in
  41. The Evolution of Music Production Software User Interface Metaphors (2015)www.arpjournal.com
  42. PyCrossfade – a library for creating DJ Transitions in Pythongithub.com
  43. Open-Source Music Production Toolsmidination.com
  44. 80s style NeonGrid visualizer for my ~6 year on-going DJ/VJ tool[video]www.youtube.com
  45. Learning Logic Pro X (Getting Started with Music Production)artlapinsch.com
  46. Citizen DJ – Make music using audio and video from the Library of Congresscitizen-dj.labs.loc.gov
  47. Public Enemy – State of the Union (STFU) Featuring DJ Premierm.youtube.com
  48. Scrobbling DJ sets into Last.fm with less than 30 lines of Pythoninput.sh
  49. Opinion: Case for removing master-slave terminology from music production toolscdm.link
  50. Live DJ sets intended for the workday925.fm
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